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Glam Rockin Podcast 2013 Hell Yeah

Van HalenAlice CooperBlack N BlueTURN IT UP and you will not believe your ears. WOW HELL YEAH here is the MAGNIFICENT ROCKIN’



 February 2013 GlamPodcast_mixdown  “CLICK HERE”

FOR 30 minutes of uninterrupted glam metal rock music. ALL RIGHT

BLAST OFF!! with


BLACK N BLUE           “Hell Yeah”  “Monkey” “Target”


ALICE COOPER          “Elected”  “No More Mr. Nice Guy”


VAN HALEN               “Drop Dead Legs” “Panama”  “House of Pain”


Keep it here for the BEST music there is GLAMOUR ROCK and METAL ROCK music.


Enjoy!  Coming to you from the Southeastern United States of America. Send requests to: with tagline: Podcast Request

Van Halen Vaults Back into Glam Metal Stratosphere

Van Halen2Van Halen1Van Halen3Van Halen is primarily an American hard rock band with roots in the Netherlands (the original birthplace of the Van Halen brothers, Alex and Eddie Van Halen, being Nijmegan, Netherlands), heavy metal guitar rock riffs and hooks, with coincident Glam Rock music status, “spotlight on” the flamboyance and over-the-top hypersexuality of lead singer David Lee Roth. The main focal point of the band’s overwhelming popularity has been the guitar virtuosity of Eddie Van Halen, mixed with the onstage antics and attractiveness of  David Lee Roth. The 1978 debut album of the band, entitled Van Halen, is widely regarded as one of the music albums that changed the course of rock music history, leading the way for the music genre of heavy metal to evolve in upcoming decades. (For this and more band history, see Wikipedia.) The band members at that time, at the group’s inception were: Eddie Van Halen (lead guitarist), David Lee Roth (lead vocals), Alex Van Halen (drums), and Michael Anthony (bassist).

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), has listed Van Halen as the 19th best-selling band/artist in United States history, with sales of over 56 million albums in the U.S. and over 86 million albums worldwide. Also, Van Halen is only one of five rock groups that have had two albums sell more than 10 million albums each.

Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen are the sons of musician Jan Van Halen, who arranged for them to have music lessons. The Van Halen brothers started playing music together in the 1960s, with interestingly, Eddie playing piano and drums and Alex playing guitar! One day when Eddie found out that Alex had been playing his drums, Eddie decided, out of frustration, to start playing Alex’s guitar: youthful beginnings to the foundation of astounding guitar musicianship to come in the form of Eddie Van Halen’s heavy metal style, most definitely an innovator for all time.

In 1972,in California, the Van Halen brothers formed a group named “Genesis” while renting a sound system from David Lee Roth in the process. In order to save money on renting the sound system, the brothers decided to offer Lee Roth lead vocals in a bartering deal, to which then led to David Lee Roth becoming a permanent part of the band. By 1974, the rock group decided to replace then bassist Mark Stone with Michael Anthony, who was then performing in a band called “Snake.” The band later changed their name to “Mammouth” after finding out that there was already another band with the name “Genesis.” The name “Van Halen” for the band was introduced by David Lee Roth, who thought the name suggested power. The band Van Halen started playing at parties and other local gigs around Hollywood and Pasadena, California, while also passing out flyers to their gigs to local high schools in the Hollywood, California area. This garnered the band a huge following and from that, Van Halen started to establish themselves as headliners at  mainstream  L.A. nightclubs of the 1970s, including the famous Whisky a GoGo.

Van Halen recorded their first demo tape at Cherokee Studios (now defunct), also the recording studio for Steely Dan at the time. Van Halen’s career began to intensify when the famous rock music impresario Rodney Bingenheimer checked out the band at the L.A. club Gazzari in the summer of 1976, and being quite impressed took Gene Simmons of KISS to see them. Gene Simmons then produced a demo tape in New York, presented them to his managers, but being told “no chance whatsoever”, he discontinued further involvement with the fledgling group. (See Wikipedia)  Van Halen’s pursuit of the “Rock N Roll dream” began to heat up even more when two Warner Brothers’ record executives (Mo Ostin and Ted Templeman) saw Van Halen perform at the Starwood in Hollywood; the execs were so dazzled that they offered the band an extensive recording contract within a week. Upon its’ release, the debut album Van Halen reached number 19 on the Billboard pop music charts, one of rock’s most commercially successful inaugurations. The album contained these classic songs by Van Halen, “Runnin’ With the Devil” and “Eruption”-showcasing Eddie Van Halen’s guitar mastery.

The band returned to the studio in 1978 to record Van Halen II, which resulted in the band’s first hit single “Dance the Night Away.” Over the next album, Van Halen was prolific with album releases and touring: Their Women and Children (1980), Fair Warning (1981), Diver Down (1982), and then the pinnacle of their career, Van Halen’s 1984 (1984) , which showcased such monster hits as “Panama”, “Jump”, “I’ll Wait”, and “Hot for Teacher.” The album generated three music videos on MTV and debuted at number 2 on the Billboard chart’s, behind Michael Jackson‘s Thriller. The album, although a huge profit-maker, was also a breaking-point for the band! The ginormous egos of the band’s two massive stars, Eddie Van Halen, and David Lee Roth, had had several explosive tangles in the past, but now their differences were at fast forward fury. Lee Roth reportedly was upset about Eddie playing outside the band without the other members’ permission and  Eddie’s drug abuse (alleged) that prevented certain viable practice sessions. Eddie was sick of Roth’s flamboyant stage behavior and at times ridiculous antics, and both differed in their view of the band’s image/direction for the future.

During this time in 1985, Eddie Van Halen, as the group’s leader, began to look around for lead singers to replace David Lee Roth. He invited Patti Smyth of Scandal to replace Lee Roth but she refused. Eddie was then introduced to another singer, Sammy Hagar, who he knew from a mutual auto mechanic. Drumroll please as we are now entering the crucial phase of the endless debate amongst Van Halen fans of which singer is better: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?HA  Visit any Youtube page of Van Halen music videos and fans are still debating this to this day. Sammy Hagar had had a hit with Warner records with “I Can’t Drive 55”, had an album with Montrose, and agreed to join the band, also adding his skills as rhythm guitarist to deepen the sound. The 1986 album 5150 (named after the address for Eddie Van Halen’s studio) was a success, with keyboard-driven singles such as “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Dreams”, and “Love Walks In.” A new Van Halen logo was added to the album art, symbolizing the band changes. The band had many more triumphant studio albums  during the reign of Sammy Hagar, which lasted until 1996. It was in the Hagar era that Van Halen was nominated for two Grammy awards, winning an award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1992. Success often breeds discontent amongst stars, and because of disputes between Hagar and Eddie Van Halen, Hagar’s career as lead singer ended in 1996. Hagar claimed he was fired; Van Halen said that he quit. Overall, it was a technicality of sorts, because the Van Halen band members had been secretly recording tracks with David Lee Roth again, which led Hagar to quit/be fired.

There is further detailed and extensive history on this ground-breaking band. (See Wikipedia for more information and citations). On March 12, 2007, Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and were introduced by Velvet Revolver. Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar were the only members (both ex-members at that time) in attendance. In 2012, Van Halen released A Different Kind of Truth -their first album in 14 years (since 1998’s Van Halen III). It is the first Van Halen album to feature Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang on bass ( and still in high school!)  in place of Michael Anthony. It is also the first album to feature David Lee Roth’s vocals in over 15 years. Van Halen announced a tour to support the album, from 2012 to 2013. The Van Halen News Desk reports that Guitar World named A Different Kind of Truth as the #1 album of the year (for 2012) and Rolling Stone named “Stay Frosty” in their “50 best songs” (of 2012). Keep up with the mighty Van Halen at!

Slade Glam & Metal Rock

    Slade is a Glam Rock/Hard Rock band that was formed in 1966, who had major success in the 70s and 80s with pop rock lyrics, stage costuming, defiant attitudes, and vocal mastery. The group consisted of Noddy Holder (lead vocals and guitar), Dave Hill (lead guitar), Jim Lea (bass guitar), and Don Powell (drums). This Glam Rock band originally started out as “N’Betweens”, changed their name to “Ambrose Slade” and then just “Slade”. In the late 1960s, they connected with manager Chas Chandler, who had been bassist for the 60s rock group, The Animals, and is also credited with discovering Jimi Hendrix. According to Wikipedia, Slade had a veritable number of hits in the U.K., outperforming other Glam rock artists such as Wizzard, Sweet, T-Rex, Suzi Quatro, Smokie and even David Bowie. In the U.K., they had 12 top five hits from 1971 to 1974 and 17 top twenty hits between 1971 and 1976. According to Wikipedia, no other U.K. group had such consistency of hits, and Slade came closest to The Beatles’ record of 22 Top Ten hits in a single decade. Origins of Slade are that in 1964 drummer Don Powell and guitarist Dave Hill were part of a group called “The Vendors”; Noddy Holder was part of a group called “Steve Brett and the Mavericks”. The groups met at “The Trumpet” house in Bilston, England and formed the group that ultimately became Slade. Chas Chandler is cited as the link that helped Ambrose Slade become a success, by advising them to write their own songs. The name was also changed from “Ambrose Slade” to “The Slade” and then just “Slade”. The name “Ambrose Slade” came from one of the record company’s (Phillips Records in London) secretaries who had the habit of naming her apparel; she had named her handbag “Ambrose” and her shoes “Slade”!

The first album that Slade released was Play It Loud. What occurred next was that Chandler managed the group for two years without commercial success; simultaneously, the band began to grow their hair long, adding glitter to their performances, in time to become one of the leaders of Glam Rock beginnings in the 1970s (see Wikipedia and YouTube videos “Top of the Pops”). Chas Chandler began making specific song suggestions to the band, and requested “Get Down and Get With It”, originally performed by American artist Little Richard. Lea and Holder penned their first song together, “Coz I Luv You” and this established the writing partnership that would continue through the band’s history. Also, as hard as it is to believe now, the purposeful misspellings that the band utilized in their song hits, “Look Wot You Dun” (1972), “Gudby T’Jane” (1972), “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” (1972), and “Cum on Feel the Noise” (1973) caused a furor  among British schoolteachers who thought it would lead youth astray!

Chas Chandler decided the band should record a live album and booked Slade for three consecutive nights at Piccadilly, which resulted in Slade Alive, (1972) regarded as one of the greatest live albums ever. (For this and information to follow, see Wikipedia). In 1973, “Cum on Feel the Noise” went straight to #1 on the first week of release, an event not accomplished since  The Beatles. Drummer Don Powell was critically injured in a car crash in 1973, and his 20y.o. girlfriend Angela Morris was killed. Powell recovered and rejoined the band weeks later in New York to record “Merry Xmas Everybody”. Powell still suffers from short-term memory loss and sensory problems.

Slade’s popularity began to wane in the late 70s, as the band attempted to break into the American music scene, constantly touring with American rock groups Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and Black Sabbath. The album Nobody’s Fool was released in 1976 and failed to make an impact. Meanwhile, U.K. fans felt deserted, and accused the band of selling out. Slade began to make a comeback in the late 1980s when they were asked to fill in for Ozzy Osbourne, who cancelled his set at The Reading Festival. Slade became the smash success of the rock festival and were able to use this to revitalize their dormant music career. Slade found a new audience of heavy metal fans and had success with the album We’ll Bring Down the House (1981) and Keep Your Hands off my Power Supply (1984). In late 1983, American glam metal band Quiet Riot recorded a cover of “Cum on Feel the Noise”, which catapulted Quiet Riot to fame. Slade still records and tours today, but their last huge-selling album was You Boyz Make Big Noise. Watch the video of this stellar band, and revisit this page to hear the next Podcast, featuring Slade, the New York Dolls, and Quiet Riot.

Glam Rock Star Schedule of Podcasts

On this page, you will find a list of the Glam Rock podcasts that will be made available for your listening enjoyment! I am affiliated with the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Orlando, Florida and my moniker is “DJ Steph”. It is my pleasure to bring you these weekly podcasts of Glamour Rock favorites, which you can listen to for FREE on your computer. Each podcast will contain about 30 minutes worth of nothing but Classic Glamour Rock Music, with NO INTERRUPTION, NO COMMERCIALS EVER! Come back to this page frequently for the latest podcast.

Glam Rock Podcast for AUGUST 13th, 2011 by DJ Steph:

Artist / Songs
Roxy Music   “More Than This,” “Same Old Scene”,  “Angel Eyes”, “Both Ends Burning”

David Bowie   “Golden Years”, “Heroes”, “Fashion”

                                        The Sweet        “Fox on the Run”, “Action”, “Lies in Your Eyes”

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The Sweet and Glam Rock Style

     The Sweet (sometimes simply known as Sweet) were an English rock band that achieved international fame in the 1970s, and are widely known as one of the most prominent of Glamour Rock artists, in that they promulgated outrageous outfits, effeminate style, brazen lyrics with tight drums, vocal harmony (in four parts -each member had an excellent singing voice), and extensive musical hooks. The classic lineup included Brian Connelly as lead singer, Steve Priest on bass, Andy Scott on guitar, and Mick Tucker on drums. The Sweet band was formed in 1968 and had a string of hits in the 1970s, beginning in 1971 with the sugary “Funny, Funny”. Their hit-making continued throughout the 70s with Blockbuster (1973), Hellraiser (1973), and Ballroom Blitz (1973). Other well-known songs are Teenage Rampage,  ActionWig Wam Bam and Love is Like Oxygen. Musical influences to The Sweet were The Who, The Hollies and various legendary drummers , who influenced Mick Tucker’s drumming style.

The Sweet’s ostentatious clothing trends rivalled Gary Glitter, Marc Bolan and T-Rex, and Queen. The Sweet debuted on several UK TV shows such as “Top of the Pops” and “Supersonic”. The hit single, “Love is Like Oxygen” was their last top 10 seller, as their popularity began to wane in the late 1970s, and the band disbanded in 1981. To this day, however, Steve Priest has his version of The Sweet in the U.S., and Andy Scott has his version of The Sweet in the UK and Australia. Many hard-core fans will argue, and quite rightly, that without the astonishing vocals of Brian Connelly, that the true Sweet no longer exists. It is a well-known fact that Brian Connelly was a tragic figure, whose chronic alcoholism ended his life in 1997 with alcoholism-related disease.  There are several documented cases of Connelly showing up so  drunk or intoxicated to shows that the band had to cancel; or in a dramatic example of The Sweet’s only US tour in 1978, at a Birmingham ,Alabama show, Connelly was so drunk that he gave an intoxicated, incoherent performance, collapsing onstage while the band played on. Shortly thereafter, Brian Connelly quit The Sweet to pursue a solo career, which never really materialized, and the remaining three band members attempted to carry on, with little success. Come back to this site soon to see attached videos and an exclusive podcast featuring The Sweet and other fantastic Glam Rock artists.

Glamour Rock aka Glitter Rock Style

      Glam Rock (Glamour Rock aka Glitter Rock) is a form of pop rock music that developed in the UK and US in the 1970s, and continued its influence into the 1980s. It all truly began with two major inventors of the Art form, which were T. Rex (Marc Bolan) and David Bowie. It is and was a style of music that focused on androgynous and/or transgender roles, outrageous hair and glittery, ostentatious outfits, with makeup that was theatrical and a style that was “camp”. According to Wikipedia, the term “camp” evolved in its meaning as “exaggerated, theatrical, effeminate”, and that the true beginning of Glam Rock was Marc Bolan/T.Rex’s appearance in March 1971 on the UK’s Top of the Pops, where the group wore satin and glitter and performed in an effeminate, outrageous manner. T. Rex’s best known singles are “Get It On”, “Hot Love” and “Children of the Revolution.” Soon after came the release of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust in 1972, with the song “All the Young Dudes” followed immediately by Diamond Dogs, with the electrifying single “Rebel Rebel”. Indeed, the lyrics of “Rebel, Rebel” capture the camp of Glam Rock, “You’ve got your mother in a whirl, she can’t tell if you’re a boy or a girl. Hey babe, your hair’s allright; hey babe, let’s go out tonight.” Other huge hits by David Bowie include, “Space Oddity” (his first hit in 1969), “Changes”, “Suffragete City” “The Jean Genie” and many more.  Bowie was an extremely prolific artist, overall selling over 140 million albums throughout the span of his career, which included 9 Platinum, 11 Gold and 8 Silver.

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