Running Away with Glam Band Bon Jovi

     Bon Jovi is an American rock band formed in 1983 by Jon Bon Giovi (name changed to Bon Jovi) out of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The Bon Jovi band has been characterized as an amalgam of glam metal, hard rock, and arena rock. The members are Jon Bon Jovi, vocals; Richie Sambora, guitar and song-writing partner; David Bryan, keyboards; Tico Torres, drums; Hugh McDonald, bass guitar; Phil X, lead and rhythm guitars + talk box. Dave Sabo was Bon Jovi’s neighbor, and initially a part of the band before leaving to form the metal band, Skid Row. The Bon Jovi band’s hits were “Runaway” from the album Bon Jovi (1984); “Only Lonely” from 7800 Fahrenheit (1985); “You Give Love a Bad Name,” and “Living on a Prayer,” from Slippery When Wet (1986): “Bad Medicine” from New Jersey (1988); By Bon Jovi’s fifth album, Keep the Faith, the glam metal sound was gone, giving way to a mixture of arena and pop rock.

     Jon Bon Jovi is known for his grit and determination to make it as a rock star. He was turned down by countless record labels, and later rock music critics continually disrespected their music, saying things like “unoriginal” or “nothing new.” Every rock fan recalls the most famous put-down of all time, from Rolling Stone magazine editor Jann Wenner who said, “What does Bon Jovi mean in the history of music? Nothing.” Later, Jon Bon Jovi responded, “We’re not on the ‘where are they now?’ tour! My last three tours were the biggest grossing tours in the world.” (New York Times, Bon Jovi Leads 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees) Take that, rock music has-beens!

The early roots of the Bon Jovi band are that Jon Bon Giovi started performing live music at age 13. In his teens, he played New York and New Jersey rock music clubs, and was convinced he was going to become a rock star. His first break came when he made a demo and took it to the Power-House recording studio in Manhattan co-owned by his cousin.

The band’s history is extensive, so visit their website to catch up, or view the thousands of magazine articles written. Here are some career highlights for the Bon Jovi band:

Bon Jovi has released fourteen studio albums plus compilation and live albums.

The band has sold more than 100 million record albums.

Bon Jovi band has performed more than 2,700 concerts across 50 countries.

The band was inducted into the U.K. Hall of Fame in 2006 and U.S. Rock music hall of Fame in 2018.

Billboard magazine listed these as Bon Jovi’s top five songs:

  1. “Bed of Roses”
  2. “Living on a Prayer”
  3. “Wanted Dead or Alive”
  4. “Wild in the Streets”
  5. “This Ain’t No Love Song”

Long-time writing partner Richie Sambora left the band during a world tour in 2013. In an interview on the website, Jon Bon Jovi discusses the pain of that happening and how it fueled the 2020 album recently released. Check it out. The album is called 2020.

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