Glam’s Killing it with Faster Pussycat


  Faster Pussycat is an American glam metal music and sleaze metal music band with some punk rock mixed in formed in Hollywood, California in the 1980s during the explosion of Glam Rock Music on the Hollywood Strip. Faster Pussycat’s band make-up has been Taime Downe (vocals), Greg Steele (guitar), Kelly Nickels (bass), Mark Michaels (drums), and Brent Muscat (guitar). After Nickels was in a motorcycle accident just before the release of Pussycat’s first album, he was replaced on bass by Eric Stacy. Later, Nickels resurfaced in L.A. Guns. The band derived its name from a 1965 movie called “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” where three go-go dancers on a spree of kidnapping and murder in the California desert. First, they dance at a club before racing their cars across the desert (the go-go girls, that is). When Taime Downe sings the line, “Living in L.A. is so much fun!” He knows what he is talking about!  Followed by the line in their hit song, “Bathroom Wall:” “Boy, you is ugly and your girlfriend weighs a ton!” HA

     Faster Pussycat still tours in as of this date- had only three big-time album successes in: Faster Pussycat (1987), Wake Me When it’s Over (1989), and Whipped (1992). In 1987, Faster Pussycat appeared in the Rock Documentary The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 -The Metal Years.

     There has been lots of drama and name-calling in the past between Downe and Muscat. You can read about it in It started in 2007 over the right to use the name Faster Pussycat. Here is an account from the web:

In February 2007, Brent issued this statement on his My Space blog:

“In 2000 Taime made an awful remix cd. It was not until Greg Steele and I threatened him with legal action that we were paid and invited to join our own band. In 2005 I was diagnosed with oral cancer. The band which I had been part of for 20 years all of a sudden replaced me and lied about my condition. I was very hurt that Taime never bothered to call me once. As a result of Taime’s drunken and erratic performances, the price for Faster Pussycat live performances plummeted and fans have voiced their displeasure. I decided I would attempt to reunite the band to commemorate our 20th anniversary. I invited both Greg and Taime, (which is more than he did for me) but neither responded.”


     Holy Crap remember My Space? What a waste of time, but not as much as Facebook! But ahem, I digress!

     In July 2007, Muscat dropped his attempt to use the name of the band. Downe played at Rocklahoma in 2007 and went on a tirade against Brent, and then left the stage without playing most of the band’s hits.

From the band’s website, read here a more accurate description of the band’s beginnings:

From the depths of the mid 80s LA Glam rock scene, a bunch of attitude driven, misguided youth brought to the surface their brand of alley cat rock. Not glam, not punk but somewhere in between, with an attitude and swagger all their own. Fronted by the king of sleaze himself, Taime Downe, Faster Pussycat was his baby assembled piece by piece, that would, not unlike Frankenstein, rapidly grow into a monster and take the scene by storm, whether it was ready for it or not!


Before they knew it, this rag-tag team of miscreants consisting of Taime Downe (vocals), Greg Steele (guitar), Brent Muscat (Guitar), Eric Stacy (bass) and Mark Michals (drums) scored a record deal with Elektra Records and released their debut self-titled album produced by Ric Browde (Poison, Ted Nugent, etc.) who was also instrumental in securing the deal in the first place. The debut record featured instant classics “Babylon”, “Bathroom Wall”, “Cathouse” and “Don’t Change That Song” , the latter of which, birthed their first music video directed by none other than “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” director Russ Meyer! Source:


We also love this bio shot from Brent Muscat on the band’s beginnings:

Born in Monrovia, California, the youngest of three sons, Muscat’s first instrument was the trumpet; but in his teen years switched to the guitar. It was still in high school where he met Taime Downe, Greg Steele, Eric Stacy and Mark Michals and formed Faster Pussycat. Part of the Muscat lore involves the band members showing up for Muscat’s high school graduation in full glam regalia.


“High school graduation in full glam regalia” Hell YEAH


Current tour dates for Faster Pussycat:

December 29, 2019                         Hollywood, CA                   Whisky-A-Go-Go

February 8, 2020                               Fort Lauderdale, FL          Monsters of Rock Cruise

March 12, 2020                                 United Kingdom               Hard Rock Hell Festival

ROCK and ROLL to the MAX, Glam Rockers! 


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