Glam Rock Star Schedule of Podcasts

On this page, you will find a list of the Glam Rock podcasts that will be made available for your listening enjoyment! I am affiliated with the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Orlando, Florida and my moniker is “DJ Steph”. It is my pleasure to bring you these weekly podcasts of Glamour Rock favorites, which you can listen to for FREE on your computer. Each podcast will contain about 30 minutes worth of nothing but Classic Glamour Rock Music, with NO INTERRUPTION, NO COMMERCIALS EVER! Come back to this page frequently for the latest podcast.

Glam Rock Podcast for AUGUST 13th, 2011 by DJ Steph:

Artist / Songs
Roxy Music   “More Than This,” “Same Old Scene”,  “Angel Eyes”, “Both Ends Burning”

David Bowie   “Golden Years”, “Heroes”, “Fashion”

                                        The Sweet        “Fox on the Run”, “Action”, “Lies in Your Eyes”

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