The Sweet and Glam Rock Style

     The Sweet (sometimes simply known as Sweet) were an English rock band that achieved international fame in the 1970s, and are widely known as one of the most prominent of Glamour Rock artists, in that they promulgated outrageous outfits, effeminate style, brazen lyrics with tight drums, vocal harmony (in four parts -each member had an excellent singing voice), and extensive musical hooks. The classic lineup included Brian Connelly as lead singer, Steve Priest on bass, Andy Scott on guitar, and Mick Tucker on drums. The Sweet band was formed in 1968 and had a string of hits in the 1970s, beginning in 1971 with the sugary “Funny, Funny”. Their hit-making continued throughout the 70s with Blockbuster (1973), Hellraiser (1973), and Ballroom Blitz (1973). Other well-known songs are Teenage Rampage,  ActionWig Wam Bam and Love is Like Oxygen. Musical influences to The Sweet were The Who, The Hollies and various legendary drummers , who influenced Mick Tucker’s drumming style.

The Sweet’s ostentatious clothing trends rivalled Gary Glitter, Marc Bolan and T-Rex, and Queen. The Sweet debuted on several UK TV shows such as “Top of the Pops” and “Supersonic”. The hit single, “Love is Like Oxygen” was their last top 10 seller, as their popularity began to wane in the late 1970s, and the band disbanded in 1981. To this day, however, Steve Priest has his version of The Sweet in the U.S., and Andy Scott has his version of The Sweet in the UK and Australia. Many hard-core fans will argue, and quite rightly, that without the astonishing vocals of Brian Connelly, that the true Sweet no longer exists. It is a well-known fact that Brian Connelly was a tragic figure, whose chronic alcoholism ended his life in 1997 with alcoholism-related disease.  There are several documented cases of Connelly showing up so  drunk or intoxicated to shows that the band had to cancel; or in a dramatic example of The Sweet’s only US tour in 1978, at a Birmingham ,Alabama show, Connelly was so drunk that he gave an intoxicated, incoherent performance, collapsing onstage while the band played on. Shortly thereafter, Brian Connelly quit The Sweet to pursue a solo career, which never really materialized, and the remaining three band members attempted to carry on, with little success. Come back to this site soon to see attached videos and an exclusive podcast featuring The Sweet and other fantastic Glam Rock artists.

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